Document digitization is a crucial part of any organisation's digital transformation strategy, offering significant growth potential and a competitive edge. It introduces paperless workflows and data-driven decision-making for faster routes to market. Meganomix's document digitization outsourcing services help businesses maximise these benefits.

Doing digitization in-house can be complex and costly due to factors like a lack of domain expertise, limited IT resources, legacy systems, high capital investment, recruitment and training expenses, and ongoing security and compliance costs. The scale and scope of information to be captured and converted can also be overwhelming.

Meganomix's document digitization services eliminate these risks by managing the digital transformation process from start to finish. They provide a cost-effective solution while maintaining high standards of data quality, usability, reliability, and security.

Meganomix's accredited digitization services have successfully digitised millions of records for various customers, including both large and small businesses. Their production centres have been audited by The National Archives UK and are ISMS (Information Security Management System) and QMS (Quality Management System) certified. There is practically no upper limit for handling modern-day records.

With profound expertise in digitization, we guarantee seamless conversion of hard copy content to the specified digital format requested by our clients. Our digitization experts work tirelessly round the clock in state-of-the-art delivery centres to scan, process, and convert large volumes of paper documents into digital formats. Adhering to strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs), we maintain the highest quality standards for the data. With numerous precision workstations, we efficiently handle projects of any size, often meeting tight deadlines.

We conduct meticulous quality assurance tests to ensure data completeness and accuracy. Every detail, including formatting and spelling, is thoroughly scrutinised. Data security is of paramount importance, and we ensure safe data transfer practices and stringent encryption processes, aligning with our ISO 27001 accreditation.

Meganomix provides a comprehensive suite of document digitization services, from scanning and data entry to data management and indexing. Our primary goal is to facilitate the digital transformation to smart, paperless offices. With extensive experience across diverse industries like infrastructure, e-commerce, transportation, logistics, real estate, government, retail, healthcare, genealogy, etc., we support the digitization of various document types. This includes financial papers, invoices, medical records, contract agreements, manuscripts, journals, magazines, microfilms, microfiche, maps, fragile papers, images, multimedia files, and more. We also specialise in digitising historic content from local and national archives.

Why choose Meganomix ?

Choosing Meganomix as your digitization partner ensures accurate and reliable digitization services for all your critical business records. We can create digital copies of any document type, making them easily shareable, searchable, and accessible. Our multilingual expert team can even decipher historical and hard-to-read documents in various languages.

Throughout the digital conversion process, we maintain zero process deviation and prioritise high data security in your online environment.

Meganomix's scalable and efficient document digitization services save time, space, and costs, allowing for affordable long-term storage of information and more flexible workflows. By following structured processes, we achieve game-changing benefits, including significant reductions in document conversion time, increased data accuracy, and improved operational efficiency with quick and secure information retrieval and storage. Our focus on scalability and flexibility means we can effectively handle any volume of records within your preferred time and budget.

Document Scanning

At Meganomix, we provide flawless document scanning outsourcing services using advanced scanning technology, including large format colour scanners and flatbed scanners. We customise our document scanning solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. The types of documents we handle range from receipts, manuals, and handwritten materials to legal files, records, and accounting sheets.

Our teams are skilled in both manual and automated indexing and archiving functions. We offer full-text OCR indexing and de-skewing services to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of document processing. Additionally, we have experience in data capture requirements, including double data capture, working closely with our clients to meet their specific needs.

Our expert data management team can help set up an efficient document handling system for clients, simplifying their processes. We use high-speed flatbed scanners for fast and accurate scanning of paper documents, regardless of size. Strict scanning parameters ensure the accuracy and clarity of the scanned images. We can provide image-only PDF formats to our clients.

To ensure the highest quality, our quality assurance team thoroughly analyses the transparency and accuracy of the scanned files. If any errors are detected, we promptly rescan the documents to achieve perfection in our services. With our reliable and efficient document scanning solutions, we aim to simplify and streamline our clients' document management processes.

Meganomix provides a wide range of transcription services to meet diverse needs:

  • Organisation of documents
  • Scanning of documents
  • Reorganisation of documents

The need for secure and reliable infrastructure has made traditional data storage expensive for businesses. However, Meganomix's document scanning services offer a cost-effective solution for converting large piles of paperwork into digital formats. Businesses seek agile and efficient outsourcing for document scanning, indexing, digitization, and archiving services to focus on their core activities.

Outsourcing document scanning to Meganomix eliminates the need for paper usage and allows businesses to archive data from various sources in one place. This centralised approach enables easy access and analysis of information based on specific business requirements. We continuously strive to stay at the forefront of document scanning technology innovations.

Our flatbed scanners with fast scanning technology and Automatic Document Feeders (ADF) ensure efficient scanning processes. We can provide duplex scanning and adapt to clients' pixel density requirements. Our global delivery centres boast state-of-the-art infrastructure, allowing us to deliver quick results with a flexible pricing model that suits our clients' needs.

By choosing Meganomix's document scanning services, businesses can streamline their operations, reduce paper usage, and access their data more conveniently and efficiently.

Data Entry

Meganomix's data entry outsourcing services offer precise and accurate conversion of written documents into digital data and transformation of electronic data from one type to another. We believe that our detailed and precise data output can give businesses an advantage in decision-making and competition.

Our comprehensive data entry process involves asking clients to scan relevant documents and upload them to a secure online server. If needed, we also provide scanning services. Meganomix employees then access and compare the files, verifying and correcting any errors or discrepancies. The data is indexed, sorted, and organised in a predetermined folder structure for easy accessibility.

Our data entry specialists perform quality checks to ensure error-free deliverables with high accuracy. We use reliable data entry software that allows you to replace inefficient manual processes with powerful tools accessible from computers, smartphones, or tablets. The software uses technologies like OCR (Optical Character Recognition), OMR (Optical Mark Recognition), IC (Intelligent Character Recognition), and BC (Basic Character Recognition) for efficient data processing.

Our data entry outsourcing services are supported by the latest data entry tools, including Cove, PhraseExpander, Forms On Fire, Jotform, Lucy, UiPath, Typeform, Wufoo, and MS Excel. As a highly professional data entry service provider, we offer fast, high-quality, scalable solutions to meet your needs.

By outsourcing your data entry requirements to Meganomix's experts, you can immediately benefit from our reliable and efficient services. We are committed to delivering exceptional results to enhance your data management processes.

  • Data annotation services
  • Company reports data entry services
  • CRM data entry services
  • Online data entry services
  • Digital transaction processing services
  • Offline data entry services
  • Data entry of business surveys
  • Survey forms processing services
  • Directory services
  • Catalogue building and indexing
  • Database data entry services
  • Data entry for business cards
  • Image data entry services
  • Ebook data entry services
  • Document data entry services
  • Data capture services
  • Data extraction services
  • Document management systems
  • Data entry from dictionaries/ manuals
  • Copy paste services
  • Insurance claims data entry
  • Data Entry Outsourcing Services
  • Email appending services
  • Data entry from enrollment forms
  • Text & numeric data entry
  • Data licensing services
  • Legal documents data entry
  • Healthcare data mining services
  • Data entry of printed content
  • Data entry of handwritten content
  • MySQL database data entry services
  • CRM data mining services
  • Data entry from telephone directories
  • Banking data entry services
  • Website data entry services
  • Image search services
  • Translingual data entry services
  • Typing services
  • Remote data entry services
  • Data entry mailing list services
  • QuickBooks data entry services
  • Scalable and Customizable Solutions
    Cost Effective

    Meganomix's services are affordable, which helps you save money.

  • Multilingual Support
    Focus on Your Business

    By outsourcing data entry, your team can focus on important tasks related to your core business.

  • Expertise in Human Transcription and Advanced Technology
    Skilled and Professional Team

    Meganomix has a team of experts who work efficiently and accurately with your data.

  • Flexibility and Quality Assurance
    Easy Data Handling

    They use technology to convert scanned documents and images into editable formats easily.

  • Expertise in Human Transcription and Advanced Technology
    Smooth Communication

    Meganomix ensures constant and seamless data exchange through fast internet connections.

  • Expertise in Human Transcription and Advanced Technology
    Quality Assurance

    They have a dedicated team to check and maintain high-quality and accurate data.

In a nutshell, Meganomix's data entry outsourcing can save you time, money, and effort while providing reliable and accurate data management services.

Data Processing

Meganomix's data entry outsourcing services offer precise and accurate conversion of written documents into digital data and transformation of electronic data from one type to another. We believe that our detailed and precise data output can give businesses an advantage in decision-making and competition.

Meganomix handles data in different formats such as BMP, GIF, JFIF, PCX, and TIFF, and can assist in converting printed material, photo scans, Excel tables, and MS Office formats. They cater to both large and small enterprises, providing customised data processing services, including data entry, scanning, editing, cleaning, aggregation, summarization, validation, tabulation, presentation, and analysis.

The company has a successful track record in various industries like E-commerce, hospitality, automotive, engineering, healthcare, banking, financial services, advertising, marketing, and insurance. They handle different document types, such as payroll forms, market research forms, order forms, checks, insurance claims, credit card applications, and health claim forms.

Our data entry outsourcing services are supported by the latest data entry tools, including Cove, PhraseExpander, Forms On Fire, Jotform, Lucy, UiPath, Typeform, Wufoo, and MS Excel. As a highly professional data entry service provider, we offer fast, high-quality, scalable solutions to meet your needs.

By outsourcing your data processing requirements to Meganomix, you can benefit from their professional and efficient services, experiencing fast, high-quality, and scalable solutions for your business needs.

  • Master data management services
  • Data deduplication
  • Forms processing services
  • Mailing list compilation services
  • Order processing services
  • Database creation services
  • Image processing services
  • Data abstraction services
  • Data transformation services
  • Tagging and annotation services
  • Data cleansing services
  • Insurance claims processing
  • Purchase order processing services
  • Video annotation services
  • Data consolidation services
  • Data provisioning services
  • Data monitoring services
  • Data collection services
  • Data lifecycle management services
  • Facebook scraping services
  • Check processing services
  • Product information management
  • Survey processing services
  • Customer segmentation services

Meganomix's Quality Assessment (QA) team ensures that all projects follow Service Level Agreement (SLA) guidelines by conducting multiple quality checks. This maintains high accuracy levels, helping you achieve expansion or growth goals and resolve internal data discrepancies. Data specialists work from world-class offices, ensuring efficiency and precision in providing reliable and accurate data processing outsourcing services.

By outsourcing data processing to Meganomix, you save time, money, and resources, as they handle the time-consuming task as your offshore partner. Their dedicated team also supports you in complex statistical analysis tasks and gathers critical information about your company, customers, competitors, and stakeholders.

If your data is in print format, Meganomix uses scanning facilities to digitise it, and the data is manually checked for errors. A proofreading team ensures there are no mistakes, further enhancing data accuracy.

Data Conversion

Meganomix offers reliable data conversion services that can organise and enhance your data, boosting productivity. They convert various file formats, like PDF, word, Figma, Zeplin, sketch, and more, into structured HTML using advanced technologies and skilled experts.

Their services cover banking and finance data conversion, image conversion, data vectorization, and others. The process includes scanning, verifying, and ensuring quality before delivering the converted material.

By outsourcing to Meganomix, you get fast, high-quality, and scalable solutions for your data conversion needs.

  • PDE conversion services
  • Document digitising services
  • Word formatting services
  • Document conversion services
  • File format conversion services
  • HTML to responsive conversion services
  • Zeplin to HTML conversion services
  • SGML conversion services
  • HTML to WordPress conversion services
  • Sketch to HIM conversion services
  • HTML conversion services
  • Adobe XD to HTML conversion services
  • Electronic document management (EDM)XML conversion services

Meganomix offers customised data conversion outsourcing services at affordable rates, utilising efficient resources. Their teams can handle large volumes of work within specified deadlines, ensuring quick and effective conversion of data from any format to an electronic format. Regardless of your project's stage, you'll receive high-end technical expertise.

They analyse clients' data before and after conversion to uncover actionable business insights and ensure error-free and accurate documents throughout the process.

Meganomix's intelligent document conversion process guarantees customised results and scalability options. When you choose to work with them, you gain access to their extensive talent pool, allowing for quick scaling as needed. They also provide a dedicated project manager to maintain smooth communication and set realistic timelines for both parties.

In summary, Meganomix is a reliable choice for data conversion needs, offering personalised solutions and efficient project management to achieve successful outcomes.


Meganomix's OCR/IC professionals specialise in converting paper documents into digital data, making it easily accessible, retrievable, and editable. By outsourcing our OCR/IC services, companies can reduce overhead costs, optimise workflows, and modernise their data management processes all at once. Our OCR service conversion bureau excels in transforming physical documents or images into editable text documents.

We have the expertise to capture complex and unstructured files and convert them into highly organised and formatted OCR scanned files. When you outsource OCR services to Meganomix, we use agile design forms and the latest recognition technologies to offer customised solutions.

Our niche software enables us to rotate scanned images and produce digital images in formats specified by clients, such as PDF or TIFF. We handle various types of OCR, including typewritten OCR, cursive OCR, handprint OCR, music OCR, and MICR.

Additionally, we employ OCR software for recognizing both handwriting and printed text. Our Intelligent Character Reading (ICR) services convert handwritten text and numbers into machine-readable strings or documents.

Our dedicated technology team can convert handwritten reports into PDF or Word document formats using IC technology. The ICR service also allows data to be captured using software that can read information from different documents.

To ensure the best outcomes for our clients, we follow a systematic process when providing OCR/IC services. Partnering with us for OCR/IC services can streamline your document management process, improve efficiency, and enhance overall data accessibility and accuracy.

  • OCR/IC clean up services
  • OCR/ IC extraction services
  • OCR/ICR conversion

Meganomix provides top-notch OCR (Optical Character Recognition) services and solutions for text conversion projects at a competitive cost, leveraging their cutting-edge skills and expertise. Their OCR/IC service includes clean-up services, eliminating the risk of data loss and retrieving lost data. Additionally, Meganomix offers microfiche scanning and conversion services, making it effortless for clients to distribute, accurately scan, and convert Microfiche data.

Outsourcing OCR/ICR services to Meganomix gives your business a competitive advantage by enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of official work. Their instant tracking facility allows you to monitor activities continuously throughout the day.

With Meganomix, you can be confident that your OCR and IC services are in safe, qualified, and experienced hands. Their highly professional team possesses a comprehensive understanding of OCR and IC service provisioning processes, functions, and solutions, making it a beneficial partnership for your company and ensuring the best possible outcome in the industry.