Meganomix's call centre outsourcing services offer businesses a wide range of benefits, including the ability to scale their operating capacity, reduce hiring costs, and minimise overhead expenses and infrastructure investments. We are dedicated to addressing your call centre requirements and providing sustainable value through smart, agile, and resilient business processes that optimise your operations and drive growth.

With over 1500 professionals operating from state-of-the-art delivery centres, we excel in delivering excellence in customer-centric call centre support. Our well-trained teams are committed to providing superior customer experiences, increasing efficiency, and ensuring better business outcomes for global clients.

Our 24/7 multi-channel call centres are fully equipped to efficiently meet the customer service needs of businesses from diverse industries, such as e-commerce, mining, infrastructure, government, transportation, and logistics, among others. With our value-added call centre solutions, we introduce disruptive process innovation that improves organisational performance and transforms business operations. This approach helps establish a future-ready business model capable of meeting the dynamic challenges of the digital age.

Our professional call centre agents handle both inbound and outbound calls with a personalised touch, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. By outsourcing call centre services to Meganomix, businesses can focus on their core competencies while relying on us to deliver exceptional customer support and enhance overall operational efficiency.

  • Reactivating dormant client services
  • Third-party verification services
  • Click to talk support services
  • Technical support services
  • Remote IT support services
  • Toll-free customer support
  • Multilingual call centre services
  • Retail customer support services
  • Order tracking and status enquiry
  • Business process reengineering services
  • Complaint management services
  • Loyalty program management services
  • Email support services
  • Chat support services
  • Social media customer services
  • Video chat customer services
  • Multichannel support
  • Railway logistics BPO services
  • Customer interaction services
  • E-commerce customer support services
  • Seminar registration services
  • Consumer product support
  • Digital agent services
  • Pre-sales support services

Customer Support

At Meganomix, we work tirelessly to reshape your business with intelligent operations that guarantee business sustainability through innovative and resilient operating models. By augmenting our clients' processes with multidisciplinary teams and innovative automation, we minimise service disruption and ensure uninterrupted customer service, building brand loyalty.

Our call centre agents are highly skilled and committed to resolving customer queries in the shortest possible time. We prioritise delivering high-quality service with a consistent focus on exceeding customer expectations. Through our inbound call centre services, we provide insightful and quick responses across various channels, including voice calls, email support, live chat, and social media responses. Our goal is to provide phenomenal customer service, ensuring that customers receive the support they need through their preferred communication channels.

Additionally, our outbound call centre services take a customer-focused approach to complement your marketing efforts. We provide information-rich assistance to customers, answering all their queries and guiding them through the process to ensure maximum conversions. Our outbound services play a vital role in nurturing customer relationships and creating a positive brand image.

At Meganomix, we understand the importance of excellent customer service in building long-term customer loyalty. By providing efficient, responsive, and personalised support, we aim to enhance your brand reputation and contribute to the growth of your business. With our round-the-clock availability and commitment to excellence, we strive to be a reliable partner in delivering exceptional customer experiences for your business.

Call Center Consulting

At Meganomix, we take pride in transforming businesses with a flexible operational model that efficiently meets unique business and customer needs while delivering a personalised touch across all interactions.

With our extensive experience across diverse industries, our knowledgeable customer support agents become an integral part of your business. They work as an extension of your team, addressing a wide range of business complexities and providing intelligent assistance for all customer issues.

To ensure the highest standards of service quality, we record all incoming and outgoing calls. This practice allows us to monitor the performance of our agents closely and provide you with reliable metrics on the quality of the calls and the overall business impact. Through this approach, we can continuously improve and enhance our customer support services.

Our call centres operate 24/7, ensuring that the best customer experience is available at any time. Whether it's resolving complex issues or addressing simple customer inquiries, our agents are always available to provide top-notch support without any constraints related to time zone differences.

At Meganomix, our ultimate goal is to help you create a positive and lasting impression on your customers through exceptional customer support. We strive to be a reliable partner in delivering seamless and personalised interactions that contribute to your business's success and growth.


SBI Corp is a trusted outsourcing company that can provide comprehensive telemarketing outsourcing services to help your business thrive. We understand the importance of a consistent stream of high-quality leads for the success of any business. With our telemarketing services, your sales staff will never run out of potential leads, enabling them to close more deals and drive revenue growth.

Our telemarketing team is skilled at connecting with the right individuals at the right time, freeing up your sales team to focus on selling rather than contact management. We offer telemarketing models tailored to various sectors, designed to boost revenue, increase profits, and drive continuous growth for your business. When you choose SBI Corp, we'll assign a dedicated marketing team that will gain a deep understanding of your company and its services, ensuring a strategic plan that aligns with your business goals.

Our telemarketing experts will execute the marketing strategy to achieve the desired results for your business. We provide regular insights updates, allowing you to optimise your approach and maximise your return on investment (ROI).

By outsourcing telemarketing services to us, you can expect to secure qualified appointments with key decision-makers, enhancing your chances of success. We specialise in cold calling services for acquiring new clients and establishing long-term partnerships with customers, generating sustainable revenue streams for your business.

Our skilled professionals ensure that we deliver high-quality B2B cold calling services by precisely targeting the desired population using up-to-date business contact lists. We can also provide you with telemarketing and direct marketing lists services, tailored to your specific requirements, including essential details such as zip codes, states, cities, salaries, job descriptions, and credit card information. Additionally, we offer a national change of address service to ensure accurate and efficient postal services for your contacts.

By partnering with SBI Corp for telemarketing outsourcing, you can expect exceptional service, reliable lead generation, and improved revenue opportunities for your business.

Inbound call centre services

Meganomix Corp offers a reliable, scalable, and agile inbound call centre outsourcing service to cater to your diverse business needs. Whether it's handling service-related calls, managing marketing campaigns, or efficiently responding to customer inquiries, our team of professional and highly skilled call centre agents can seamlessly manage all your inbound call requirements. We prioritise adherence to your company's compliance and quality standards while ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our inbound call centre services cover a wide range of functions, including query handling, providing products and services information, technical support through a help desk, order booking, payment processing, and sales support. By outsourcing these services to Meganomix, you can enhance the overall customer experience and achieve your business goals more effectively.

At Meganomix, we provide highly effective inbound call centre services tailored to support your key business objectives. Our lead qualification services help identify and focus on the right customers, while our virtual receptionist services ensure prompt and efficient call answering without any waiting time.

We also offer upselling and cross-selling services and sales management services, which are designed to maximise sales opportunities during each customer interaction and increase conversions. Our team is adept at handling product information requests, product recall management, and chargeback handling to ensure swift resolution of customer queries and grievances.

Regardless of your industry, we provide superior inbound call support, covering various facets of customer service such as order entry, payment collection, technical support, warranty registration, inbound sales, claims processing, and billing query services.

To deliver the best customer experience, we leverage sophisticated technology, including state-of-the-art data communication software and advanced data and voice communication systems at our call centres based in the UK and USA. With our dedicated internet connection, we can offer fast and reliable services 24/7, while ensuring the security and confidentiality of your data.

By partnering with Meganomix Corp for inbound call centre outsourcing, you can expect efficient and professional call handling that reflects positively on your brand and improves overall customer satisfaction.

Outbound call centre services

Meganomix's outbound call centre outsourcing services are designed to cater to your dynamic business needs, leveraging advanced technology, customised processes, analytics, and expertise. Our call centre agents handle outbound calls professionally, achieving high rates of customer engagement and satisfaction. By partnering with us, you can improve business conversion rates and enhance your company's reputation.

As experts in outbound call centre services, we assist companies in creating personalised campaign content and communication for their target audience, a crucial aspect for excellent customer experience. We offer optimised, efficient, and scalable business processes capable of handling large call volumes and achieving desired business goals. Our outbound services cover various areas, including database management, data recovery, customer acquisition, customer retention, market intelligence, and product promotion.

We support end-to-end lead generation requirements, including order taking, order fulfilment, sales support, customer satisfaction surveys, customer acquisition services, and product promotion services. Furthermore, we provide after-sales services to ensure customer loyalty through follow-up and renewal services.

With Meganomix as your outbound call centre services partner, you can expect hassle-free call management, direct quality control, and flexible processes tailored to your business needs. Our clients also rely on us for comprehensive market intelligence services, gaining access to intelligent market data at optimal cost.

To cover the entire range of outbound call centre requirements, we offer third-party verification, debt collection services, direct mail follow-up services, email list management services, and other value-added services. Our team provides customised solutions based on demographics, market segments, and specific business development and support needs to meet your expectations.

Transparency is essential to us, and we provide regular analytics reports and updates, enabling you to make timely and informed business decisions. With Meganomix as your outbound call centre partner, you can ensure excellent customer service, increased business opportunities, and overall business growth.

Virtual Assistant

Meganomix provides cutting-edge assistance solutions to handle day-to-day tasks for both new and growing businesses. We offer reliable virtual assistant outsourcing services that are easy to hire and can handle multitasking, including answering calls and scheduling appointments. Our virtual assistant services include appointment scheduling, data entry, event planning, internet research, correspondence management, call answering, and desktop publishing. With our virtual assistant services, you can manage routine tasks without worrying about office space, internet connection, or computer systems. Our advanced virtual assistants can handle your work efficiently through calls or emails, regardless of your location.

Our virtual assistants seamlessly integrate with your internal team, including business associates, customers, partners, vendors, suppliers, and other stakeholders. We follow a strict schedule to save time, reduce operational costs, and enhance overall efficiency.

As part of our virtual assistant services, we can assist you with managing your diary, expenses, and social media channels. By partnering with Meganomix for virtual assistant services, you can expect demand analysis, recognition of the right assistant, designing SLAs & workflow, monitoring performance, and periodic reporting. Our virtual assistants are available whenever you need them, helping you streamline and manage all your routine tasks effectively. Our services cover call answering, appointment scheduling, accounting, bookkeeping, data entry, internet research, and more. With Meganomix's virtual assistant services, you can focus on core business activities while delegating time-consuming tasks to our capable team.