The modern business world deals with vast amounts of data, and efficiently managing and processing this data is crucial for accurate data mining at scale. In-house data management can be challenging due to complexities, the need for specialised talent, and significant investments in terms of cost, time, and resources.

Meganomix offers value-driven data management services that help organisations structure their unstructured data, enhance data quality, accuracy, and completeness, and handle ongoing data-related operations like maintenance, updates, file format conversion, and dissemination. Their end-to-end data management services cover the entire data lifecycle, from data collection to error correction, duplicate elimination, data integration, storage, and security. Under the guidance of project managers, Meganomix transforms unstructured data into modern databases, enabling clients to leverage precise business analytics and optimise their operations.

Their data specialists have extensive experience across diverse domains, including retail, E-commerce, government, infrastructure, logistics, transportation, and more. As a highly professional data management service provider, Meganomix delivers reliable, secure, and high-quality data management solutions.

Outsourcing your data management needs to Meganomix allows you to benefit from their fast, high-quality, and scalable services, providing effective solutions for your data challenges.

We offer comprehensive data management services that cover the entire data lifecycle, from collecting and cleaning to standardising, analysing, and transforming data of any type and size into usable information. With a specialised workforce and world-class processes, we provide a wide range of global data management services.

These services include data cleansing to ensure data accuracy, data integration for seamless data flow, data analytics to extract valuable insights, data governance to maintain data quality and compliance, data architecture for efficient data organisation, data storage for high availability and accessibility, and master data management to ensure consistent and reliable data across systems.

We offer complete data management services, handling data of any type and size. Our expert team cleans, organises, and analyses the data to provide valuable insights. We ensure data security and compliance with regulations like GDPR. Using advanced tools like Oracle, SQL Server, Python, AWS, and Google Cloud, we help businesses make the most of their data for growth and informed decision-making.

We provide custom and effective data management solutions, ensuring data consistency across business intelligence systems. Our processes follow strict data quality standards, including completeness, accuracy, accessibility, and auditability, to enhance operational efficiency and maintain high-performance databases. We are committed to meeting Service Level Agreements, which define quality metrics, turnaround time, and other performance indicators.

Our team consolidates data from various sources and designs storage solutions tailored to meet the needs of data volume and complexity. This allows us to efficiently handle data management for businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. We offer round-the-clock support and a flexible pricing model with four options to suit your business needs.

Throughout the project, dedicated account managers maintain seamless communication with you, ensuring transparency and uninterrupted flow of information. We also provide a dedicated group forum for project-related discussions, further promoting transparency and efficient collaboration.

Data Mining & Research

Data mining and research services are designed to help organisations interpret data accurately, leading to better business decisions, process improvements, higher quality standards, and increased customer satisfaction. We strictly follow the data mining process prepared by our experts, understanding its significance for organisations of all sizes. Our process involves taking transaction data and transforming it into a data warehouse system. The information is then stored and managed using a multidimensional database system, granting business analysts and IT professionals access to the data for analysis using application software.

Our team of experts efficiently utilizes various data mining and research tools, such as Rapid Miner, Orange, KNIME, Sisense, Apache Mahout, SSDT, and Rattle, to provide timely results that meet the organisation's requirements.

We gather data from across the internet based on your specific needs, catering to public and private businesses of all sizes as part of our data mining and analysis services. Additionally, we offer SQL data mining services to help you create large data databases for modelling purposes. Our analysts analyze trends and provide valuable information vital to your company's business interests by sifting through vast amounts of data from social media channels, professional social networks, blogs, and other platforms. We recognize the power of social media as a tool and are committed to providing social media data mining and research services, including contact information data mining and real-time and historical data mining.

Meganomix's data mining and research services aim to empower your organisation with valuable insights from data, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive growth and success.

  • Data mining
  • CRM data cleansing services
  • Google map scraping services
  • Data research services
  • Email appending services
  • Data extraction services
  • Database creation
  • Web scraping services
  • Data capture
  • Data collection services
  • Linkedin scraping services
  • Real estate scraping services

Mobile app scraping services

Meganomix assures the utmost reliability in meeting your data mining requirements. Our experts utilise only the most advanced and proven technological resources and tools. With our expertise, we can efficiently handle even the most complex projects within a short timeframe.

Data security is of paramount importance to us, and we provide a highly secure system to safeguard all your information.

Furthermore, we excel at delivering data mining reports in various formats such as PDF, Excel, PowerPoint presentations, XML, and more, ensuring that the information is presented in the most suitable and accessible manner for your needs.

Annotation and labelling

Meganomix's data annotation and labelling services are highly reliable, enabling you to label or tag relevant information in various datasets for machine recognition. This includes data in image, audio, video, or text formats. With our services, an AI model can identify the data type, whether it's audio, video, text, graphics, or a mix of formats.

We also offer location mapping solutions for sharing critical geographical points and implement multi-label classification to identify elements associated with a single image more accurately.

Our advanced techniques enable understanding of multiple language scenarios and facilitate image-based text translations for search engines.

The data annotation and labelling process at Meganomix follows a predefined structure created by our experts. We begin by defining the project's scope and ensuring all necessary details are available. Then, our teams execute the project based on client inputs, and we use the appropriate resources to achieve the desired result. A dedicated Project Manager ensures proactive communication and precision throughout the project.

Before delivery, our Quality Assessment (QA) team performs thorough quality checks to ensure all fields are covered, and relevant information is included accurately and completely. This guarantees high-quality, reliable, and precise data annotation and labelling services for our clients.

  • Tagging and annotation services
  • Sentiment tagging
  • Image annotation services
  • Human gesture annotation
  • Purchase order processing services
  • Bounding box services
  • Product information management services
  • Text annotation
  • Data profiling services
  • Data preparation services
  • Video annotation
  • Video annotation services
  • Sports data tagging services
  • Data consolidation services
  • Data provisioning services
  • Data monitoring services
  • Data collection services

Meganomix offers a multilingual image annotation process that supports multiple languages, making it easy to annotate images in one or more languages. Our team can scale as needed and familiarise ourselves with your business rules, edge cases, context, and other factors, leading to continuous improvement in data quality over time.

Data security and privacy are our top priorities, and we adhere to internationally recognized higher security standards and data privacy regulations. This ensures that your information remains private and secure at all times.

We provide flexible and customizable pricing options to meet our clients' specific needs, making our services accessible and affordable. Operating 24/7, we offer a wide range of annotation and labelling expertise to various industries worldwide. Our client base includes several Fortune 1000 companies, highlighting the trust and confidence they place in our services.


At Meganomix, we offer reliable eBook conversion services for various file types like PDF, InDesign, and MS Word, making them compatible with popular electronic devices such as Nook, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and others. Our e-publication services cater to publishers, universities, corporations, and authors worldwide.

By outsourcing your PUB services to Meganomix, you can overcome challenges related to preserving the original file format, converting different designs for e-Books, and finding the best solution for your specific needs. We are skilled in various formats like HTML/XHTML, InDesign, Manuscript, and MS Word, among others.

Over time, we have acquired the necessary skills and experience to handle even the most demanding requirements, such as DocBook XML and web-accessible eBook development conversion.

With our efficient eBook conversion services, you can confidently reach a wider audience with your digital publications.

  • ePUB conversion services
  • conversion services
  • Web-accessible ebook development
  • Kindle conversion services
  • Comprehensive digital services
  • Enhanced ebook conversion services
  • Reflowable -ebook conversion services
  • Docbook XML conversion
  • Multilingual -book conversion services

Meganomix excels in working with globally accepted file format standards, helping businesses overcome hardware-software interoperability challenges. With expertise in this domain, we offer customizable eBook formats, developing and digitising printed material and converting it into various eBook formats. Our comprehensive formatting conversion services cover all categories of eBook publishers, ensuring accurate conversion and precise formatting of headings, tables, graphs, and footnotes.

Our skilled Pub conversion experts guarantee high-quality and accurate results, making us a reliable partner for global clients seeking competitive and world-class electronic publication conversion services at affordable prices. When you work with us, you can expect precision in ePub projects, as we ensure that the layouts and CSS precisely match the actual page layout of the original file.

Online Catalogue

Meganomix is here to help you develop online catalogue designs that effectively communicate your product and service offerings to potential customers. As an experienced and reliable third-party catalogue design service provider, you can trust us with your catalogue design and production.

We offer a wide range of online catalogue design services, including E-commerce product data entry, catalogue building, catalogue updating, content management, data entry, and data mining. Our services also encompass product data sourcing, digital and physical catalogue collection, product addition/removal, categorising products, E-commerce cataloguing, cross-selling and up-selling product data entry, and product information updating.

We are meticulous and focused on capturing information from various sources like scanned images, PDFs, online catalogues, and manufacturers' websites to create your online catalogue. Additionally, we provide retouching and editing services to enhance the catalogue's appearance, such as image clipping, cropping, enhancement, background removal, and resizing.

Meganomix is task-oriented and committed to timely delivery, leveraging competence in software like Flipping Book, Catalogue Machine, Ateneo, Lucidpress, Flip snack, Publica’s, Catalogue, Web publication, and iPaper to ensure high-quality catalogue designs.

  • E-commerce product data entry
  • E-commerce data mining
  • SKU data management services
  • Catalogue building
  • E-commerce product data cleansing
  • Product information management
  • E-commerce product data classification
  • E-commerce data entry service
  • SKU data entry

Meganomix's online catalogue creators operate from state-of-the-art offices, delivering world-class catalogue outsourcing services at an affordable cost. With our complete digital catalogue maker services, we prioritise the safety and security of your data. It is stored in secured systems accessible only to the assigned team, ensuring your privacy is protected.

We are dedicated to meeting client deadlines and consistently deliver catalogue solutions on time. Our expertise also extends to creating SEO-friendly and customised product catalogues for various categories. You can add an unlimited number of products or services, choose colours, sizes, and other attributes, and customise design and price formats. Our catalogues are designed for multi-browser compatibility, ensuring a seamless user experience across different devices and browsers.